World Languages

globeMs. Schubert - Spanish/French language instructor

Mrs. Elder - German language instructor

Our World Language Curriculum introduces the French, Spanish and German languages and cultures our students. Emphasis is placed on holistic language development, which integrates the skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading with exposure to other cultures. Your child will become familiar with important national holidays and celebrations relevant to the language they are studying. As a result of this program, your child gains an understanding of other cultures in relationship to his/her own. Because of this, foreign language study promotes cultural diversity and encourages global-minded thinking.

As a result of this course, your child will improve his/her ability to:

  • Follow directions in a foreign language
  • Respond appropriately to questions in a foreign language
  • Respond to oral and visual prompts
  • Identify vocabulary related to thematic units
  • Comprehend thematic vocabulary in readings
  • Label items
  • Copy familiar words and phrases
  • Construct teacher-directed projects
  • Recognize cultural differences