Music: Band

Band is a three trimester course.  Performing in all concerts is manditory.

Music is on this earth for people to enjoy. Learning to play an instrument can be very challenging and enjoyable. In order for one to be able to enjoy making music in a band setting, he/she must first learn to read the language. One of our goals for a student involved in band at the middle school level is to be able to read and understand musical notation. There is also an artistic side to music. Music, like art or poetry, is used as a means of expression. Like many great musicians have said, "Learning to play the right notes at the right time does not make music. Music must come from the heart."

Our music programs provide classroom and performance skills that are designed to help students grow musically, intellectually, and socially. Students are introduced to such concepts as pitch, rhythm, timbre, form, beat, dynamics, and style.

The Bay City Public Schools' music curriculum was created by the Bay County music instructors through the BAISD, and contains standards addressing:

  • Performing
  • Creating
  • Analyzing in Context
  • Appreciation in Context
  • Making Connections between the Arts and Other Areas

 HMS Music Department instructors include Mr. Vanderveer, Ms. Keenan, and Ms. Hughes.