LMC Novel Info

HMS Library - Novels 

Our novel collection is quite extensive.  Reading levels (according to A.R.*) can be found on each novel's spine.  Historical fiction, mysteries and sci fiction/fantasy titles carry genre labels.

The LMC endeavours to design and maintain a novel collection for the middle school student's maturity level and reading level.  In other words, pre-teens who have reading levels across the board.  Popular elementary series, such as Goosebumps, are usually left to the K-5 libraries.  Novels usually published for adults are left for the high schools to include in their library collections.  More mature teen/YA novels are designated for the 7th & 8th grade.  That still leaves over 5,000 novels accessable to 6th graders. The over-all focus of the library's collection is to meet the curricular needs of the students first.

Each Newbery Medal/Honor book also has a identification label. The Newbery part of the novel collection is very large since the Newbery Medal and Handy have both existed for almost a century.  A list of Newbery novels can be accessed from the LMC's webpage (under "Resources").  There is a column indicating novels owned by the LMC.

* A.R. = Accelerated Reader program