• Athletics

    Students that are involved in the school community after school tend to be more academically successful. It is a HMS primary goal to have as many students involved in athletic and extra-curricular activities as possible. For additional information on our programs, click here or on the Athletics Overview" tab.



    1.  Proof of PHYSICAL FORM:   front of form filled out w/ Doctor's signature; parent and student signatures on reverse side;   (BCPS Physical Forms are available in the school's Main Office, or available ONLINE: Click here to print.

    2.  PAY $35.00:  "Pay-to-Participate" Fee for middle school level;  for more information, see Bay City Public Schools - "Pay-to-Participate" Program  (page 3 of the physical form)

  • Explores Dept.

    One of the most important things middle schools are charged with today is getting students high school, college and career ready. One of the ways we do that is by exposing our students to an array of elective type classes that offer our students the opportunity to explore various disciplines such as - Art, Computer Science, Physical Education, World Languages, Music and STEM.

  • Library/Media


    Library Media Specialist: Ms. Colleen Montalbano

    Library/Media CenterThe mission of the Library Media Center (LMC) is to provide the resources designed to meet the interests and educational needs of our student body. We strive to provide an atmosphere that encourages students to read for pleasure as well as develop successful research skills. Students are able to utilize the Library Media Center individually and in an entire-class situation.

    The print collection houses over 6,500 novels, 2,500 reference books and 8,000 non-fiction books. There is room for 3 classes at once. The LMC circulates traveling technology and over 150 novel sets, used in classrooms. All textbooks are circulated through the LMC. The LMC has large flatscreens wired for both television and computer signals to better implement instruction and meetings. A full-size computer lab and a conference room are also attached to the facility.

    Even in these times of economic stress and school librarian cuts across Mid-Michigan districts, the Bay City Public Schools has recognized the importance of having credentialed librarians operate secondary-level LMCs. Handy's librarian has both bachelor's and master's library science degrees in addition to having secondary teacher certification.

    Students receive instruction in library use each year, as well as a start-of-year orientation regarding policies & procedures. Information on the LMC can also be found on this webpage, as well as in the Student Handbook section of the student planner.

    ADULT VISITORS: Every adult visitor must have an appointment, prearranged with the librarian. We no longer take drop-in visitors since LMC staffing is limited. Visitors are required to sign-in and sign-out with the school's Main Office, in accordance with district safety procedures.

    Overdue fines are charged for each school day every overdue book is late.  Days such as "snow days", teacher professional development days, winter/spring breaks, and weekends are not counted.

    All student textbooks are also circulated through the LMC, as well as most teacher resources (globes, novel sets, A-V equipment, professional manuals, etc).