Handy - A First Look

hms-front"Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Prepared - No Excuses!"  This school motto guides students as T. L. Handy Middle School educates them toward a successful future.

T. L. Handy is located at 601 Blend Street, Bay City, Michigan, at the corner of Blend Street and North Union Street, on the city's west side. It is a part of the Bay City Public Schools.  T. L. Handy’s mascot is the Wildcat. School colors are red and white. The school fight song is 'Wildcat Fight'. T. L. Handy began as a junior high school in 1923, then was converted to a high school in 1946, and reverted back to an intermediate/middle school in 1990.

The school is named after Thomas Lincoln Handy, a local land owner of the early 1900's. After a coal mine that he owned closed around 1920, Mr. Handy donated the land the mine sat upon to be the site of the school that bears his name.  His portrait hangs above his home's fireplace mantle in a place of honor in the Auditorium's lobby, and his name is engraved above the school's front entrance. 

Facility & Grounds

T. L. Handy has one of the finest middle school facilities in the state. The school's original structure opened in 1923.  It has been extensively renovated over the years to meet the changing needs of its students (see "History" section). There are 3 floors. The 2nd and 3rd floors contain general classrooms and media labs, while the 1st floor houses classrooms and specialty areas. Both the general classrooms and specialty classrooms were recently renovated in addition to the Cafeteria, physical education areas, Main Offices, and hallways (complete with new lockers). Currently, there is Auditorium, and specialty classrooms for music, art and STEM. The science curriculum can be taught in 12 state-of-the-art lab classrooms. The Library Media Center (with attached computer lab) maintains an on-line VLC catalog and approximately 17,000 books and 150 novel sets in addition to its technology. There are 3 all-subject computer labs, 1 "teaching" computers lab plus traveling carts of tablets/laptops. There are 2 gymnasiums, a natatorium, and related PE areas.  The landscaped grounds include large sports fields and a student lunchtime recreational area.  While Handy has an up-to-date, energy efficient facility for students, the outside architecture has been kept in its classic, original style.


T. L. Handy serves grades 6-8, with an annual enrollment of approximately 900-1,000 students.  Each floor of the school houses a grade - the 6th grade on 3rd floor, 7th grade on 2nd floor, and 8th grade on 1st floor. With this division, Handy has the ability to do things on a grand scale, or on a much more personal, small-group environment that students often need.

Staff & Programs

Every Handy adult is dedicated to the belief that every student can, and will, succeed during the Handy middle school years.

T. L. Handy’s faculty are highly skilled and devoted to the education of all students.  Each educator has a "highly qualified" status, and offers lessons using both traditional methods & high tech. The curriculum includes honors classes, remedial programs and classes for students qualifying for special education services. (for more information - see Curriculum) Support staff assist teachers in certain specialized programs. 

All staff is also committed to students' well being and safety. Handy utilizes the RTC system, as well as TRRFCC. Handy has a student services department, which includes guidance counselors, school psychologist, school social worker, and a school service worker. Students have access to a Bay City Police Department resource officer, and hall monitors. The officer also teaches safety through the computer science department. The Food Nutrition Department provides breakfast and lunch, both FREE to every student, thanks to a grant.

Two programs are student-driven. Our WEB student mentors connect with our 6th graders, while trained student School Safety Ambassadors promote a "no-bullying" behavior and an all-students-matter atmosphere.

Beyond the Classroom  - Athletics & Activities

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